Packaging Tape

Used in warehouses, offices , variety of uses that suit every days need.

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Double sided Tape

From thin to thick, pick your need

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Masking Tape

Indoor painting to panel beating

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PVC tape

Widely use in farm produce packing or electrician

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Industrial tapes

Specialized tape for specific industry

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cutter/ dispenser for different width tape

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Stationery tape

used in offices and school

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Fully Auto

For fully automatic strap machine only 6/9/12mm 3000/4000/5000m


For semi-auto strap machine only 9/12mm 2000/2500/4000m

Hand Strap

use hand tool to tighten 12mm 1500/2000m white and black

Heavy Duty

Use for crate or heavy objects 12/15/19mm 1000/2000m

Customize Strap

Customize strap clear /colour or printed

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Machine Wrap

use on Palletizing machine 400/450/500mm 1000/1500/2000m 15/17/20mic

Hand Wrap

Apply with hand held extended core 400/450mm extended core 400m 11/13/15/17/20/25mic

B/W film

protect metal sheeting surface with high adhesion 48/1500mm 100m/500m

Clear Protection film

protect flat surfaces with medium adhesion 1230/1250mm 500/1000m

Fully Auto Strap machine

Uses Fully auto strap 6/9/12mm

Semi-auto Strap Machine

Uses semi-auto strap 9/12mm

Hand tools

Uses for hand strap and heavy duty strap 12/15/19mm


Used for hand strap 12/15/19mm